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At JazzUp AI, we are dedicated to empowering small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses through machine learning, insightful data analytics, actionable marketing strategies, and targeted content. Our journey is one of passion, innovation, and a deep commitment to helping businesses grow.

Meet The Team

Photo of Niyi Sodipe

Niyi Sodipe Founder, CEO

We're working hard to make JazzUp AI the greatest success yet!

My path to founding JazzUp AI has been a blend of rich experiences and diverse roles in the world of e-commerce, data analytics, and marketing. In my entrepreneurial journey, I've started 4 startups with 2 exits and 2 learning experiences. JazzUp AI is my 5th startup, and we're working hard to make it the greatest success yet! With an academic foundation in Computer Science and an MBA in Product Management & Marketing, I've honed my skills across various leadership roles from tech startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Photo of Gbemisola Ilesanmi

Gbemisola Ilesanmi Marketing Program Manager

Meet Gbemisola Ilesanmi, our esteemed Marketing Program Manager at JazzUp AI. Her expertise in marketing strategy, coupled with extensive experience in e-commerce content management and customer service in the financial services sector, positions her at the forefront of our marketing operations. Gbemisola is the architect behind our innovative marketing strategies and the driving force of our impactful campaigns.

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Other Team Members

At JazzUp AI, our team is our greatest asset. Our Software Developer is the backbone of our product, channeling a deep understanding of technology into robust and innovative features. The magic touch of our UI/UX Designer ensures that every user interaction is intuitive and engaging, turning complex processes into simple pleasures.

Our Partners provide the strategic vision that propels us forward, merging diverse expertise with a unified goal of revolutionizing AI in e-commerce. Together, we're not just a team – we're innovators making waves in the digital world.

Recognizing the Need

A challenge, and an oppurtinuty.

In the bustling e-commerce sector, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often struggle to decode the complex patterns of customer behavior. The available tools were either highly effective but targeted at large enterprise firms with the budget to afford them, or they required technical expertise beyond the reach of most SMEs, necessitating the hiring of specialized talent. This gap in the market presented not just a challenge, but a significant opportunity to make a real difference.

Rising to the Challenge

Democratizing access to advanced machine learning tools for SME e-commerce businesses.

Developing JazzUp AI wasn't without its hurdles. The journey was filled with technological challenges, from conceptualizing an intuitive user interface to implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms at scale while keeping costs down to make it affordable for SMEs. Despite these obstacles, my vision was and still is clear – to create a user-friendly platform that democratizes access to advanced machine learning tools for SME e-commerce businesses.

Vision for the Future

Looking forward, JazzUp AI is committed to continuously evolving and supporting the growth of our clients. Our goal is to be the go-to solution for e-commerce businesses seeking to leverage AI-driven insights for strategic decision-making. We envision a future where machine learning and AI are not hurdles but powerful tools for small and medium-sized businesses.